The Principals of Straight Arrow PR have developed an extensive network of national media contacts.  The list includes television program producers at CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN and HBO.

The editors of a large number of major U.S. newspapers and popular periodicals, including on-line magazines, are familiar with Straight Arrow PR.

America’s national and major market radio program hosts who interview authors especially appreciate recommendations from Straight Arrow PR because clients have a history of performing well during interviews.


Public Speaking

Straight Arrow PR has developed a favorable reputation among public speaking and private seminar venues for recommending highly qualified and articulate authors and experts.

Over 600 organizations welcome our press releases.  They include colleges, graduate schools, city clubs, professional associations, law firms, asset management firms and corporations.



For clients seeking high profile professionals and celebrities, Straight Arrow PR can be helpful recommending and recruiting best-selling authors, political leaders, athletes and actors.  We also offer media promotion assistance in conjunction with the appearance.


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