Media Promotion 

There is an old saying in Hollywood: “A terrible thing happens when you don’t promote – nothing.”

When properly designed; a high visibility strategy can generate dramatic results.

Straight Arrow PR is prepared to assist qualified professionals who seek local, national, and worldwide publicity.

This is accomplished by communicating the right message to select media players and following up with reinforcing persuasion.

The objective is to generate feature stories and interviews.

By only representing outstanding clients; Straight Arrow PR has established a favorable reputation with journalists and program producers across America.


Public Speaking

Straight Arrow PR offers a promotion program for authors, educators and problem-solvers who wish to generate public speaking and private seminar engagements.

With the major speakers bureaus primarily interested in representing well known experts and celebrities who command minimum fees of $7,500; it is difficult for lesser known advocates and experts to interest conventional agents.

Fortunately, there are colleges, graduate schools, think tanks, city groups, professional firms, and associations willing to pay speakers with a lower profile.

The Public Speaking/Private Seminar Promotion Program is designed for professionals who wish to be introduced to the prospects most likely to appreciate their message.

Note: For clients who qualify for higher fees, Straight Arrow PR can assist with the preparation and recommendation process that is usually required to generate interest among the leading speakers bureaus.



Straight Arrow PR offers a service for professional speakers and writers.  Creative Communication Consulting (C3) is designed for clients dedicated to achieving the highest level of performance.

The C3 service provides ideas and concepts.  For example, a professional speaker who desires a positive audience response might be assisted with guidance on the most effective communication techniques.  Authors seeking to impress publishers can be assisted with compelling chapter titles and memorable phrases.

The partners of Straight Arrow PR are willing to discuss individual cases on a confidential basis.  Examples of imaginative ideas – drawn from decades of experience – are shared to demonstrate how creativity significantly enhances communications.


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