Congratulations to Hilarie Gamm for her personal lobbying effort on behalf of  U.S. tech workers who have been mistreated by their employers.

Hilarie, who is the author of the highly praised book Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, has been on conference calls and met with staff members of several U.S. Senators in an effort to educate them on the problem.

Ms. Gamm has provided important insights on the following:

  • The dire consequences for the remaining U.S. middle class from the outsourcing of millions of American tech jobs to India, Philippines, China, Mexico, and other nations.
  • The growth and abuse of H-1/L1/F1 and other types of visas which has resulted in American white-collar professionals being replaced by foreign labor.
  • How qualified American college graduates, especially women, and those over 40, have been quietly replaced by foreign workers located in nations with limited labor standards and weak environmental laws.
  • The ease at which U.S. data driven industries are now exiting the U.S., hampering innovation in health care, financial services, education, and artificial intelligence.

Despite the massive accrued economic damage and the momentum to maintain a harmful status quo, Gamm remains optimistic that by reporting on the crisis, identifying the causes, and recommending remedies, change is possible.  To that end, she offers a 20-point plan to save the U.S. tech industry and American workers threatened by off-shore and foreign visa holder competition.

One of Ms. Gamm’s recommendations involves passing DATA MUST STAY laws similar to what has been mandated in the European Union, Australia, China, India, and other nations.  This kind of policy change would bring back hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Straight Arrow PR has supported Hilarie’s effort by sending her press release to Congressional staffers and other influential political players.  In addition to telling her story and providing biographical information, the release highlights Ms. Gamm’s success in generating media coverage – including an appearance on the national radio program Coast to Coast.



Recently, a client asked us to send his public speaking press release to a few large foundations.  We assumed he was hoping to generate an invitation to speak at one of their conferences or motivate them to organize a new event.  Although this was part of the reason for the request, he told us his primary purpose was to make “a good first impression” because he planned to apply for a research grant at a later date.

To his credit, our client realized that his press release described his existing book and biography in a compelling manner.  Also, he realized the pitch made it clear that he was involved with media interviews and public speaking – two activities that he knew would favorably impress foundations.

For clients seeking to be introduced to organizations beyond media entities and public speaking forums, Straight Arrow PR is always glad to send the latest press release.



Fortunately, there are radio programs here in the U.S. that feature high quality long-form interviews (30-45 minutes).  The nationally syndicated Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon is one of the best.  Francesca has interviewed many Straight Arrow PR clients.  UC Professor Fred L. Block (Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion) will be taped for an interview in December.  His session will be available soon thereafter on the 25 radio stations that broadcast Writer’s Voice.

IdeaSphere with Guy Rathbun is another outstanding radio program that produces long-form interviews.  Based at KCBX in California, the show is broadcast across central California with large numbers of listeners in Santa Babara and San Louis Obisbo.  IdeaSphere is also made available to NPR stations across America.  Recent Straight Arrow PR clients who have been interviewed for the program include UC Professor Fred L. Block (Capitalism), University of Richmond Professor Steve Nash (Grand Canyon for Sale), and former Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Ellen Condliffe Lagemann (Liberating Minds).



University of Richmond Professor Stephen Nash (Grand Canyon for Sale: Public Lands Versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change) will be speaking at the Cambridge Forum (Boston) on Wednesday September 19th at 7 PM.  The session is open to the public.

Nash reports:  “The gates have opened for miners, drillers, loggers, grazers, and other industries that benefit from an even richer deal and fewer restrictions as they plunder federal public lands — privatizing what should be publicly owned wealth.  The largest beneficiaries of hugely subsidized grazing, mining, and oil and gas extraction include multi-millionaires and billionaires like the Koch brothers, who are on Forbes’ list of the ten wealthiest people on the planet.  For just the 2016 election, they donated $150 million to political candidates who oppose government regulation that might inhibit their investments, and the damage they cause on public land.”



UC, Davis Professor Fred L. Block (Capitalism: The Future of An Illusion) published an excellent essay in the Washington Post (8.15.18).  How Conservatives Made Socialism Attractive advances several interesting points including the following:

“In the wake of primary victories by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, two avowed socialists are likely to win House races in November. That, along with a new poll that shows Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than capitalism, has pundits and politicians raising alarm bells…

…In claiming these labels, politicians are obscuring rather than illuminating the essential political divides of 2018. The problem is that both “capitalism” and “socialism” — familiar relics of the Cold War — are misunderstood today. Modern definitions distort their actual meanings and disconnect us from our nation’s history of democratic reforms…

…The right won the rhetorical battle, and market principles have triumphed over the reform tradition. But economically, the citizenry has lost. The economy is now less productive because giant corporations can make bigger profits without bothering to make better products. Today, the fastest route to a stronger economy runs through those “socialists” who want to reduce inequality, constrain the power of corporations and provide people with greater access to quality health care, higher education and affordable housing.”

Here is a link to the full article:


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