Straight Arrow PR is a consortium of accomplished public relations advisors dedicated to advancing the public interest.

We help authors, educators, and attorneys achieve greater influence via the mass media and public speaking forums.  Our team is especially interested in promoting professionals focused on national and international problems.

The managing partners are based in Tampa Bay with associates in Miami.

Straight Arrow PR is unusual in the following ways:

1) Success is defined as a significant return on investment.  While “exposure” and “awareness” numbers are important, the partners believe a campaign must achieve tangible benefits.

2) The principals have established a reputation for consistently developing promotion campaigns that reflect experience and creativity.

3) Client account activity is managed by partners and all forms of communication are considered confidential.

On the following pages, you will learn about our services, backgrounds, and relationships with America’s leading program producers, editors, and leaders of public speaking forums.


Straight Arrow PR/Tampa Bay, Florida/StraightArrowPR1@gmail.com/727-647-8453


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