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Bill Hawkins is the managing partner of Straight Arrow PR.  During the past 20 years he has been involved in different forms of public relations.

His experience includes:

     – Serving as a publicist for leading non-fiction authors

     – Co-producing a major market and national television talk show

     – Serving as a communications adviser to national political leaders

During the past ten years, Bill has developed a reputation with the mass media for promoting articulate authors focused on significant problems.  His clients have appeared on national TV and radio programs including CBS Evening NewsThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Factor with Bill O’Reilly (Fox), and Fareed Zakaria’s GPS (CNN).

Bill is a graduate of Bethany College where he majored in mass communications and attended law school at the College of William & Mary.


Bonnie Lennon is a partner with Straight Arrow PR. She has 20 years experience in mass communications with expertise in different forms of writing.

Some of her career highlights include:

     – Senior writer for a local and national television program

     – Editor of FutureSearch, a monthly review of world trends

     – Author of award-winning articles for Financial Planning magazine

Bonnie is also an advocate for homeless cats. She has managed state, national, and international campaigns that have been successful in preventing government agencies from killing feral and lost felines.

Ms. Lennon attended Wheaton College and graduated with honors from the University of Rhode Island with majors in English and psychology.


Straight Arrow PR/Tampa Bay, Florida/StraightArrowPR1@gmail.com/727-647-8453


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