During the past 15 years, Straight Arrow PR has promoted over 200 authors and experts. Many of our clients earned degrees from Columbia, Harvard, UC Berkeley and Oxford (UK). We also represented professors from Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Penn, Swarthmore, Duke, Georgetown, William & Mary and the University of Texas, Austin.

Prior to the suspension of our promotion programs in 2020, primarily due to COVID 19, we had the pleasure of representing Boston University Law Professor Jay Wexler (Our Non-Christian Nation), Arizona State University Professor Emeritus Stephen J. Pyne (Fire: A Brief History), Jonathan D.T. Ward (China’s Vision of Victory), Skidmore College Professor Robert Boyers (The Tyranny of Virtue: Identity, The Academy & The Hunt for Political Heresies), and University of Richmond Scholar Stephen Nash (Grand Canyon for Sale: Public Lands Versus Private Interests).

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