Presently, we are pleased to be promoting Alfred University President Mark Zupan (Inside Job: How Government Insiders Subvert the Public Interest), University of Richmond Visiting Senior Research Scholar Stephen Nash (Grand Canyon for Sale: Public Lands Versus Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change), and Boston attorney and University of Paris Professor J. W. Freiberg (Four Seasons of Loneliness).

Last year, we had the pleasure of representing Columbia University President Emeritus George Rupp (Beyond Individualism), award-winning author Julia Cooke (The Other Side of Paradise), Mexico City based author David Lida (One Life), Rhode Island College Professor Frederic Reamer (On the Parole Board), award-winning author Willie Drye (Storm of the Century); and money laundering/terrorist financing expert John Cassara.

During the past seven years, Straight Arrow PR has represented over 150 authors and experts.  We have promoted many Harvard graduates as well as distinguished professors from America’s leading educational institutions including Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Swarthmore, Duke, Georgetown, William & Mary, and the University of Texas, Austin.


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